Building a smart (IoT) device is an art because it is about unifying the physical world with the digital one. When you put a piece of hardware on the web, magic happens, but dealing with a single device is one thing, and forging an automated ecosystem with tens and thousands of these devices is another. Creating that sort of magic isn't without it's challenges:

  • Huge development stack: your hardware, your app (web or mobile), your communication broker, your database, and the communication between all of these.
  • Your database design and management.
  • Setting up and maintaining your servers handling your compute, storage, and networking.
  • Web development – backend of your server, frontend of your web apps.
  • Your hardware design and assembly itself.
  • Scaling your system up to hundreds of thousands of devices as your business grows.

We have been through all of these challenges ourselves, and built a set of tools so we don't have to reinvent the wheel over and over again for every new project. And we packaged all the powerful tools in a platform so it's not just us cherishing the benefits of faster and more reliable development.

You can visualize Grandeur as an IoT platform, made up of a powerful set of tools, best practices, and a development experience that makes the otherwise very complex IoT projects no-brainer. You should give it a try if you do not want to worry about the backend of your next big thing and focus on what's more important to you, your project and your business.

Our goal with Grandeur is to make prototyping IoT projects quick with tools like OTA and nocode dashboard/app builder. without losing the flexibility and the scope of things you can build with it.

Grandeur is product-centred. It is much more than just a medium of communication between your app and your hardware device. Focusing on expediting IoT product development, it offers an ecosystem of the most necessary tools integrated to make the most head-cracking development problems seamless.

Here (opens in a new tab) is a problem we can learn from.

Not sure what to do? Get started here and set up your Grandeur account and help you to provision your first devices along with our supported hardware.


There are the major sections you will find in our documentation. Navigate smartly to find what you are looking for.

  • Getting Started - Start here if you are not sure what to do
  • Quickstart - Set up your first IoT project with this quickstart guide. Here we tell you how to's of different elements of Grandeur.
  • Guides - This section explains main components of Grandeur in detail. They classify details of each component in their own dedicated section.
  • References - This includes technical description of the various components that make up the Grandeur platform. You can find details down to the function level of components.
  • Keywords - A go-to glossary for all our IoT/Grandeur specific terms.