Canvas is an imperative addition to the Grandeur family. It is a prototyping tool that lets you drag and drop widgets — like buttons, sliders, displays, and graphs — to sketch a layout which you can use instead of coding a full app. This means you do not have to have app designers in your team before starting to build IoT — a single hardware engineer is a beast with Grandeur.

Adding a Widget

  • To add a new widget, tap on the Add Widget icon on the top left corner.

  • A Widget List will , which represents a collection of all the widgtes available.

  • Find the widget you need and tap on it to add it to the canvas space.

Configure a Widget

  • Once you’ve added a widget you need to configure it.

  • To open Widget Settings simply tap on the widget.

  • A configure button will appear on the right of the drop-down panel.

  • Each widget has its own settings relevant to the function it provides.

  • Check particular widget documentation to learn more about their settings.

  • You have to be careful while naming the variable. Keep it similar to the device side variable name so that they can communicate with each other.

  • Once configured, you run the widget after choosing the device.

Move Widgets

  • Tap and hold on the widget until it pops up a bit.

  • Drag it anywhere you need. Release the finger when done.

Delete Widgets

  • Tap any widget.

  • Click on the configure button that appears.

  • Tap Delete.