Device data

Device Data

When you register a device, you make it available in your project's network so that you can save all device data now. Device data is a space where you can save all device variables once the device comes online. Each device comes with a privileged space in which you can save data in the form of key value pairs. Like suppose you have built a power meter, then you can store the voltage, current and power measured by the device in this space. Or you’ve built a weather monitoring device, you can store the temperature logs. Want to keep a track of a loved ones location? You can easily log GPS data. This data can be set by a device and retrieved by the app to be consumed/displayed to end user. Grandeur gives you a lot of control over your data. You can use multiple methods like get,set and on to access and manipulate your data.

The usage of these methods is illustrated below:

//To fetch device data;
//To update or set device data;
//Subscribe to the data update event of a device;

The device data variable is an actual physical parameter, which in layman terms serves as a super global varibale which can be accessed from anywhere. So essentially you can fetch your data from anywhere in the world, set any parameter immediately and subscribe to any data variable so that you get updated in case of a change. This is what makes us event-driven. Any device update can be set/viewn from absolutely anywhere in the wolrd. The user can also view device data:

Imagine the possibilities of what you can create with this.