This methods let to keep track of the persistent connection that the SDK tries to establish with the cloud. As mentioned earlier, the persistent connection is the key because this allows us to do realtime communication with the server. Almost all of the SDK features are based on this realtime channel. This is why we have added this function, which can be utilized to verify either we are connected to the server or not.

This method accepts the following arguments:

callbackfunctiona valid JS function which will be called whenever connection status changes

This method returns the following codes in the response to the promise


connection has been established


SDK got disconnected from the server

It is important to note that the update will be directly sent without a response code. So for example if a client gets connected, you will received CONNECTED in the argument of callback.

The use of this method has been illustrated in the example below

// Subscribe to the connection status
project.onConnection((status) => {
  // This callback gets fired
  // whenever the connection status
  // changes
  switch(status) {
    case "CONNECTED": 
      // SDK connected 
      console.log("Client is connected with the server");