Each project is identified by a digital signature that we call the API key, just as your identification card or social security identifies you as a citizen. To connect your apps or hardware to your project's network, this is the first thing that you need to provide to any SDK. The API key is sent with every request to Grandeur and this is what tells the cloud about the project that you are requesting to. This is how they work: In every SDK, there is a global object aka. grandeur. You can initialize your configurations by calling grandeur.init(). This returns you a reference to your whole project in case of your application or just to your device in case of your hardware. Your project's API Key then delegates your project's access to the SDKs.

API Key comes in the form of: grandeurl4o2g68v1u1v0pxfb2mkeurh

Use of this key is illustrated below:

import grandeur.device as grandeur
# Init the SDK and get reference to the project
project = grandeur.init(ApiKey, token)