Retool is a software development platform that allows people to create custom tools, applications, and workflows without needing to write code from scratch. It simplifies the process of building user interfaces and connecting to various data sources, making it easier for individuals or teams to build internal tools for their specific needs.

To connect Grandeur with Retool you have to choose RESTQuery(restapi) as a data source and you are good to go.

Basic Setup and Querying

Press the Create New button and select App

Choose RESTQuery(restapi) as resource.

Choose the action type as POST and then fill in the URL field with followed by the path or endpoint you want to send the request to. You can find a list of all endpoints here For example, to list all your devices registered in your project and their details, you will use devices/get.

In URL Parameters, add your API key from Grandeur console's Access (opens in a new tab) page.

In the Headers field, add the Authorization header and put your Auth token in it. To generate an Auth token for Retool, go to Grandeur console's Access (opens in a new tab) tab.

Click Save and Run and you can see a complete response in the response section.

Formatting your Query

Queries can be filtered to obtain the desired response. Enable the transformer to achieve that.

In this case we are querying for only four parameters ; ID,name,status and pairing status using the following code:

return => ({id: device.deviceID, name:, status: device.status, paired:device.paired}));

Click Save and Run to run your query and you will see only requested parameters in the response.


Use the multiple components Retool offers for better visualization. In this case we'll be using a table to visualise our response.

Open the right sidebar.

Drag and drop a table from the components list on the right.

You can customise your component/app by using the styles option.

Use the toggle preview mode icon to preview your app.